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Customized Shoulder Testing and Rehab App for Jiu Jitsu

Test your injury, rehab and strengthen your shoulder so you can perform to your potential.

Start by testing your shoulder with our expertly developed logic flow

Experience a testing protocol expertly designed by leading physiotherapists specifically for jiu jitsu athletes with shoulder injuries.

Test your shoulder using our intelligent software to receive a targeted, customized rehab plan.

Rehab your specific injury with jiu jitsu in mind

4 phases of rehab to get you back on the mats stronger than before. You will get warmup and rehab exercises including injury-specific protocol.

Phase 1. RECOVER

Perform the right exercises to move your shoulder optimally as much as possible until the pain goes away

Phase 2. REBUILD

Gradually work into weakened or sore areas and expand what you're doing with slight resistance.


Set the foundation of your house by strengthening where needed and improving functional mobility.


Apply your new strength and mobility to jiu jitsu. Focus on weak points and put yourself in challenging positions.

"I had issues with my shoulder for years. By going through the tests I found out it was my rotator cuff and by Phase 3 of the program my shoulder felt stronger than ever. The convenience of having everything quickly accessible and easy made all the difference. I'm back training and feeling great- thank you!"

John B. - Vancouver

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"My shoulders are feeling better. Flexibility is increasing, too. Those squats wth my arm on the wall are doing wonders (and helping my knees). The videos are great, the program looks great."

Josh M. - Ottawa

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"Isometric work and the extensions have been the standouts. My lateral movement has gradually been increasing and the major benefit I've found even early on was the recovery assistance. I've been incorporating this pre workout which has become a secondary routine."

Richard H. - Hobart

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"I began using the bjjphysioapp (Shoulder) in early 2020. My shoulder has been bothering me for years and only worsened with age and training Jiu Jitsu. I found the program both easy to use, and work through. The various exercises have helped my shoulder stability and strength tremendously. I would certainly recommend trying it."

Mike C. - Prince George

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Why BJJ Physio App?

We know grappling is demanding on the body so we created BJJ Physio App to give you the fastest and most convenient way to treat your injuries using the most up-to-date testing and rehab protocols. Our number 1 priority is getting you back on the mats or staying on the mats healthy. We’re excited to revolutionize body management for the grappler.

Made for grapplers

BJJ Physio App was created for grapplers by grapplers to give you an experience that keeps the unique demands of jiu jitsu in mind.

Immediate testing

No need for an appointment. If your shoulder hurts, take immediate action to figure out why.

Expertly designed rehab

4 phases of rehab to get you fixed and reinforced to prevent injury in the future.

Set your own reminders

Customize your own push notifications to your schedule for consistency throughout your rehab journey

Search available

Already know what your injury is? Skip the testing and use our search bar to find the right rehab program right for you.

Ultimate convenience

Do everything from the comfort of your own home with minimal equipment needed.